toilet paper leftovers for Bin Donated Partnering with 40 hotels and dozens of businesses, Judson Kinnucan, 37, has made it his mission to collect their  donated items, like surplus shampoos and toilet paper, and get them to charities in need.

Every month, Kinnucan delivers about 200 pounds of donated shampoo, conditioner and lotion and about 1,000 rolls of toilet paper to homeless shelters Chicago. In three years, that’s more than $20,000 worth of products just to this one charity — for free.

More than 200 charities across Chicago have similarly benefited from Kinnucan’s unique brand as a middleman.

His “Bin Donated” service provides society with the added benefit of rescuing items before they’re sent to the landfill.

(WATCH the video, or READ the story from CNN Heroes)


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