If you were told that a car was driven 1 million miles before its retirement by the happy owner, which make of car would you guess it to be?

Think of all the stories you’ve heard about long-lasting automobiles, which brand is the most rugged? You KNOW it’s not an American car, right?…


In my mind, I would have thought that the longest-lasting car would be either a Toyota, Honda, Subaru or Volvo.

But, wait!! There is another foreign-made car (foreign, for Americans) that has an outstanding reputation for lasting until you drive them into the ground… remember?


Saab logoA Milwaukee salesman drove his Saab for a million-plus miles before retiring it to the Wisconsin Automotive museum. Peter Gilbert drove his 1989 Saab 900 SPG for 17 years before he crossed the million-mile marker.

The transmission was rebuilt at 200,000 miles and the hood and a few other parts replaced after eight deer collisions, but otherwise it has original equipment.

Read this FUN story by AP with happy details about how Gilbert bought the car as a treat for himself after a divorce and took meticulous care of the car, spending every extra cent to maintain its glory… He says it might have gone a million more miles! (AP) By the way, the car in the photo is our own 1998 Saab in the driveway!


  1. Responsibility
    So I guess the moral is that taking care of something really does make a difference.

    A tremendous achievement and an inspiration to all of us too busy to change our oil every 3,000 miles.


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