Everyone can agree that Miss Idaho is beautiful when she takes a stroll down the pageant runway for the swimsuit competition — even with an insulin pump attached to her bikini bottom. Wearing that in public has made her a social media star and role model for children.

“There it is,” Sierra Sandison wrote on Instagram of the pic taken by photographer Susan Hessing during the July 12 Miss Idaho competition.

Since posting the photo of her courageous walk on social media last week, insulin pumps and diabetes devices are now a symbol of community.  Sandison has become a new Type 1 hero, with the hashtag #showmeyourpump spurring people to share photos showing off their diabetes devices.

KevW ‏tweeted a photo of his adolescent daughter displaying a hot pink pump, and calling Sierra “a great role model.”

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Photo copyright Susan Hessing, posted under Fair Use provision

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