After Marty O’Connor became a quadriplegic from falling down the stairs some years ago, he knew he wanted to go back to school and get some direction in his life – but he had one problem: he couldn’t hold a pencil.

That’s when his mother Judy stepped in.

Judy had been living in Florida as a retired school teacher when her son said that he wanted to get his MBA from Chapman University. She then moved to Los Angeles so she could help Marty with his classwork and notes.

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For two years, Judy attended every single one of her son’s classes as the pair of hands that he needed to do the paperwork. Then on Saturday, she was surprised with an honorary MBA of her own in recognition of her diligence. The surprise was originally suggested by Marty, but the school board was more than happy to oblige.

As she wheeled her son across the stage for the graduation ceremony, the announcer pulled Judy up to the podium for the gift. Shocked, the mother tearfully accepted the degree in front of a standing ovation.

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