mrrogers_at_whI heard an amazing segment with Mr. Rogers on NPR’s This American Life the other week.

Davy Rothbart is a radio documentarian who visited Mr. Rogers in his studio. Davy brought stories from his own neighborhood in West Chicago, stories of un-neighborly conflict and distrust — to see what kind of advice Mr. Rogers could give him. The conversation was a jewel in Davy’s life — just like it is now in my own. Mr. Rogers died in February of 2003 … Can you say, Hero?

Search on their Web site for Mr. Rogers. It originally aired on 5/11/01. I recommend you cue your media player to begin around 10:45 minutes. It’s a 15-minute segment of the show. The conversation with Mr. Rogers and Davy begins with: "When I told my neighbors I was going to see Mr. Rogers …" Enjoy, and let me know if it touches you like it did me …


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