NASA-gopro-spacewalk view-2015

If you were blown away by the scenes in the movie “Gravity,” wait until you see high-def video of the real thing.

Earlier this year, NASA attached GoPro cameras to astronauts Butch Wilmore and Terry Verts before they took their spacewalks on the International Space Station. Uploaded by NASA last week, the breathtaking imagery offers us an opportunity to feel like we’re in the cosmos.

On February 25th, the spacewalk, also known as EVA (extravehicular activity), was performed to provide general maintenance on the space station. Wilmore and Verts took six hours to ready the craft for future space missions, and a one-hour video documents their foray.Chris Hadfield singing in space

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A 40-minute video from March 1st shows the astronauts installing new communications equipment to be used by partnering commercial spacecraft.

According to the Collaborations for Commercial Space Capabilities agreement, NASA is committed to explore all of the possibilities associated with private spaceflight. The high-quality videos give the world a little preview before that galactic dream “takes flight.”

(WATCH the amazing videos below / at the bottom, NASA experts discuss the walk over footage)

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