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When Becky Coger’s truck was demolished last year by a drunk driver, residents of Pittsburgh’s North Side knew that it wasn’t just Becky losing out, it was the entire community.

“Miss Becky,” as she is called, can often be seen hauling mulch and seedlings to the 12 neighborhoods where she tends fruit trees and gardens as a beloved volunteer.

Such an old truck, a 1984 model, could not be replaced by her insurance policy, so the Northside Leadership Council stepped up with a campaign to raise the needed money.

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After the campaign was published in the local newspapers, donations began rolling in. The Northside group wanted to collect $5,000 for a replacement, but after more than 130 people donated, from as far away as Atlanta, they raised $10,000 — enough for a fine 2003 “fire engine red” Dodge Ram.

Miss Becky, who also leads a Cub Scout den in the neighborhood (because she goes where the need is), was presented with the new truck at a press conference and celebration yesterday.

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Photo courtesy of Northside Leadership Conference / Story tip from Christopher Lazzara