girl-is-thrilled-when-BoytonBeach-police-deliver christmas


Boynton Beach, Florida Police Officers Barry Ward & Terrence Paramore responded to a local apartment Saturday following a 911 hangup by a two-year-old who was playing with the phone.

The little girl and her sister were sad because they weren’t going to have a Christmas tree this year.

Seeing the sparse amount of furniture and talking to their mother outside made the officers realize that the family was struggling.

cops-deliver-ornaments-BoyntonBeach-Police-DeptThe officers left and made a plan to go to the store the next day.

“They did what makes them some of our finest,” reported the Boynton Beach Police Department on Facebook. “They surprised (the family) on Sunday by delivering a Christmas tree, stand, lights and ornaments!”

A body camera routinely worn by Officer Ward captured the entire scene, including the elation on the face of the 7-year-old girl who greeted them with a huge “Thank you!”

The two officers, who bought the items with their own money are “reflective of the selfless spirit of service in the hearts of the overwhelming majority of police personnel in this country,” said Boynton Beach Police Chief Katz commenting on the Facebook post. “It’s just rarely reported.”

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Over three million people have viewed the video on Facebook, and many of them wanted to buy gifts for the girls. But it was lyricist and composer Daniel Herbert who first offered specific support, “Please send me a private message so that we can work together to put some presents from Santa under that tree.” The police department gratefully accepted his help and will coordinate his gift giving.

Amber Adkins of Cortez, Colorado was not surprised by the kindness of these men in blue: “My husband keeps a box of toys and children’s clothes and diapers and formula in the trunk of his patrol car and gives the stuff away when he comes across a family who needs it.”

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