Once neighbors in Shoreline, Washington, learned about Frank Henderson’s terminal diagnosis and his love for the holiday, they started getting into the holiday spirit, decorating their houses with lights in September to show solidarity.

“It wasn’t necessarily meant as ‘We’re going to celebrate Dad’s last Christmas’ — as funny as that is, that’s what it’s turned into, which is wonderful — but it’s really more about the Christmas lights, because my dad’s kind of a nut-job when it comes to that,” Thea said. “Loves them to pieces. … It’s insane. That [first] night, there was a string of lights, and then, the next day, neighbors just kept putting them up.”

(READ Chris Serico’s story, w/ photos, from TODAY)

Photo credits: (above) Evan Burgher (front page) George Redgrave, via Flickr – CC

Story tip from Judy Ritchie


  1. I love giving gifts too. I also cherish the tree trimming, with ornaments collected from all over the world. People are nicer at the holidays. It’s nice. LOTS of good news stories 😉 – geri

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