puppy as cancer therapy -Suleika Jaouad FB photoIn an interesting first person account, a young adult with cancer wrote in the New York Times about the love of her early life and how her disease has resurrected that passionate connection, once lost.

Most everything in Suleika Jaouad’s childhood related to animals, and her ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Then “life” took over along, along with a career in law and travel, which precluded her from even owning a pet.

Following her cancer diagnosis, doctors told her she was too sick to get a new puppy. Finally, six months into her treatment, a nurse called to give her the green light, saying it might even be therapeutic.

(Do ya think?)

On her Facebook page, Jaouad went further, “Dogs are therapeutic, whether you are sick or not.”

(READ the story in the NY Times)

Photo Suleika Jaouad’s Facebook page

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