Kiah the pit bull rose from being an abused pup in a grocery store parking lot to the top dog on the K9 police squad.

Since she was brought onto the City of Poughkeepie Police Department K9 force, she and Officer Justin Bruzgul have been patrolling the town streets busting crooks and being a good role model for her breed.

LOOKRescued Pit Bull is Showered with Love From the Police Who Saved Her

Brad Croft, director of operations for Universal K9, says that police dogs usually consist of purebreds trained specifically for the purpose of law enforcement. Kiah, however, had such enthusiasm and energy, he knew she was right for the job.

Universal K9 and Austin Pets Alive! organized the Detection Dogs Program that helps rescue pit bulls from shelters. Using a grant from the Animal Farm Foundation, Kiah was given the proper training to join the force.

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