Elisabeth, an 18-day-old infant, rests in a tent hospital after spending eight days trapped in her home before being rescued during earthquake relief efforts.

The newborn had just nursed and been put to bed when the quake struck, collapsing the walls of her 2nd floor bedroom before her mother could reach her upstairs. Born only two weeks earlier, the infant was trapped for a week, still in her bed.

With the ominous absence of any crying, her mother, Micheline Joassaint, had long given up hope when a team of Colombian rescue workers unearthed the child alive and sent word to the mother.

No one knows how the newborn endured for so long without hydration, nutrition or warmth. She also survived without any injuries. In less than an hour after arriving at hospital, the baby was rehydrated, warmed and returned to nursing with her mother.

The photo was taken by U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Daniel Barker (Jan. 20, Jacmel, Haiti)

(Read more about the baby, and the town/hospital where she is located, in the Havana Times)


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