gnn-i-reflective-button.jpgIn memory of the events of 9/11, seven years ago, please download my commemorative 9/11 Edition of SOME GOOD NEWS, an 8-page printable newsletter (in PDF) that focused on the wonderous and small miracles of service in the wake of the September 11 tragedy.

(NOTE: This is a newsletter that is not in production any longer. Please don’t send money for a subscription, or use the old P.O. address printed within. … My current postal address is PO Box 4303, Santa Barbara, CA 93140.)

GNN Newsletters Are Archived Online, RSS, too

Did you know there is a web archive of my weekly newsletters? Yes! You can see all the newsletters going back to January, when I switched to a fancy mailing company, They have archived all the Top Ten Good News Stories of the week online on this page.

Also, an RSS feed is provided so you can see the latest editions posted to your News Reader, instead of receiving them in your mailbox. The RSS link looks like this:

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