kim_jong_il_2009.jpgIn another sign of North Korea striving to thaw its cold war image, regular traffic over the border between North and South Korea will be restored this week to allow the flow of goods from a joint industrial park that had been isolated since December.

After its provocation earlier this year launching nuclear and missile tests, North Korea recently undertook a series of goodwill gestures toward its neighbor on the pennisula, and toward the West.

The AP summarizes: “In August, the Pyongyang government freed two American journalists and a South Korean worker held for months in detention and set a date for the reunion of families separated during the Korean War. They also sent an official delegation to Seoul to mourn the death of former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung,” a partner for North Korea’s Kim Jong Il during the 2000 Korean summit.

Also, AP reported yesterday, “The two sides agreed Friday to hold a new round of family reunions in late September. On Saturday, North Korea released four South Korean fishermen seized in late July after their boat strayed into northern waters.”

(Read more about the border crossing in SF Gate)

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