Lisa Lucky the Dog Humane Society Jackie MacMillan Submitted

Little Lisa, a ten-week old Westie/Chihuahua mix puppy, arrived at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley looking like she’d seen better days.

Despite her physical scars and aesthetic setbacks, she was a happy pup, full of love and playful energy.

The folks at the Humane Society nursed her back to health and got her ready to meet the right family. All Lisa had to do was wait for that family to come along.

Lisa Lucky the Dog With Family Humane Society Jackie MacMillan SubmittedThen, Christine Doblar and her daughters arrived as part of a “Clear the Shelters” event.

The family had recently lost their beloved family Chihuahua, and their other dog, a 6-year-old chocolate lab named Pelé, was lonely.cute dog couch AllPaws facebook

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Lisa—now known as Lucky—greeted each family member with excited gusto.

“We sat on the floor with the volunteer and Lucky greeted my daughters, husband and I with her wiggly self and kisses galore. We all melted. We visited with a few more dogs, but kept talking about Lucky,” Doblar told Good News Network.

The family left shortly thereafter to run an errand, but Doblar’s daughters were so worried that someone else would claim her that mom had to turn the car around and scoop her up.

The pup is loving her new home, and isn’t the least bit self-conscious about her looks.

“She is happy and playful, then willing to nap on the lap of any family member. She is getting closer to Pelé, who was shy at first. Lucky has taken to sleeping in his huge bed, displacing him,” Doblar said. “We don’t feel we have done anything heroic in adopting her, but we are touched by all the love sent her way by genuine animal lovers, everywhere.”

Photos: Jackie MacMillan/ Humane Society

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