On April 22nd between the hours of 10AM and 4PM, New York City will be celebrating Earth Day by closing down over 30 blocks to cars, buses, and transportation.

Instead of the noise and pollution, people will be able to amble through the core of the Big Apple on any street between Union Square and Times Square on pedestrian walkways lined with activities.

According to the Department of Transportation, the Manhattan roads off Broadway will play host to fitness classes, sustainability workshops, and recreational options. Citi bikes normally for rent will also be free to use all day.

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City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez said: “We’re showing New Yorkers the potential of a car-free Broadway and what open streets can look and feel like. Reducing car usage in our city can transform so much. It can help us to take advantage of space currently used for parking lots and gas stations; it can reduce traffic fatalities and injuries; it can make our city healthier and more breathable; and it can bring a newfound sense of calm to our bustling metropolis.”

“We’ve seen countries around the world take this initiative to great heights and New York should be no different. If we’re going to craft a sustainable future for our city and our planet, cars will not be the answer and Earth Day is the best opportunity to make this point clear.”

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