Every yellow taxi cab in New York city will be a fuel-efficient hybrid by 2012, and in the meantime, better gas mileage will be phased in, Mayor Bloomberg announced today. Air quality in the city will certainly improve, global warming slowed. Passenger comfort will be the cost. (CBS-2 NY)


  1. Sorry for your experience. I had the same thing happen UNTIL I was logged out.

    When I was logged out, it worked in both browsers, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

    Try it.

    Again, I have no idea when that would happen. I know this video system has worked on this site before…


  2. Yep – logging out made it run!

    I wonder if the resultant (required or artificial) rate hike will spawn a fleet of pedicabs?

    We’re having a walk/bike/take the bus day here in Somerville on Friday. I wonder if the Busycle will come up and join in?

    Love, Columbine

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