obama-w-schoolkids.jpgIt was like Christmas in November for needy school districts nationwide as the Obama campaign donated 100 percent of the leftover campaign supplies from 200 recently closed offices. Obama’s Pittsburgh campaign office, for instance, donated to the local district at least five flatbed trucks of office supplies, including 12 Dell computers,  17-inch LCD monitors and several printers.

“The district was also invited to clear out the office of everything — and the schools took file cabinets, file folders, paper shredders, pens, clipboards, paper, paint and butterfly clips. Much of the haul was bulk ordered by the Obama campaign and never used.

…They are just as excited about the donor. Old campaign signs have been a hit in the Pennsylvania school district’s high schools — with teenagers lining up by the principal’s office to claim pieces of Obama campaign memorabilia that were donated along with the other supplies.”  (Read more at ABC News.com)


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