lamps foldable IN EI-productPhotoA Puerto Rican design student at London’s Royal College of Art has created a customized bicycle that grinds discarded plastic containers at one end and spits out a colorful plastic ribbon at the other end, useful for weaving into chairs, baskets or pop art. (See photo here)

Victor Monserrate has placed the plans for his simple machine online and says the recycler, designed with the developing world in mind, can be made out of old bicycle and toaster parts.

Another young designer, this time from New Zealand, was inspired to use scrap pieces of woolen carpet along with a biodegradable resin to create, among other things, an attractive hardshell suitcase that will naturally biodegrade in about 3 years if discarded.

The James Dyson Foundation is funding production for Dan Mclaughlin‘s ideas.

Finally, the BBC video below highlights an Italian designer’s modern foldable lamps, called “IN-EI”, which look like origami paper but are actually made from recycled bottles. The way they collapse into a flat shape no bigger than a magazine will help reduce shipping costs and CO2 emissions.

(WATCH the wonderful video featuring these three designers – made by Dougal Shaw for the BBC)

Thanks to Gail Johnston for sending the link!


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