The elementary school I attended told my mother that I would never get past a first-grade reading level, and that I would never graduate from high school. I started to take opera and piano lessons and my reading and learning skills started to improve. I decided to sing Italian opera. I now sing on stage with a perfect Italian accent.” (The Salt Lake Tribune)


  1. Hi Geri, what a wonderful story, it is a lesson I need to relearn every day. Here is a recent One Minute Motivator of mine that speaks to the point made in this story, and I am happy to say that the people in this story took it to the next level and got the payoff they deserve:

    “Talk yourself into things, instead of out of things. How many times have your said ?I
    can?t do that? when looking at something for the first time? Many times we spend a lot of
    time talking ourselves out of trying something, rather than thinking of how we might be
    able to do it. At one time, everything was science fiction. Things we have today, were
    thought of as impossible even a few years ago. Today you are probably doing some
    things that you wouldn?t have thought you could do. Take the positive view of things
    and talk yourself into things rather than out of them”

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    OK, Geri, keep up the good work, Ed Smith.

  2. Thanks, Ed. We all need to hear your one-minute motivators.

    I love this story, as a mom who unschools her kids so they can do whatever their heart song says, and not be suffocated by grades and “teaching to some test”. Grades are for meat and eggs, not for kids. HA!

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