National Yoga Month may be coming to a close, but a good pair of leggings are a year-long necessity. These companies also have Om-worthy philosophies that you can definitely get down with. Check them out.

PrAna Yoga Pants: Roxanne Printed Legging prana roxanne printed legging. submitted

PrAna’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that companies should give much more than they take from the world. That notion keeps them focused on making products that are easier on the planet’s resources. Their clothing is made using fewer toxins and chemicals, uses recycled polyesters and wool, and hemp, too. They are mindful of the use of energy and water during the manufacturing process and offer Fair Trade Certified products.

These pants in Blue Santori are pretty snazzy, and will definitely put a pep in your step and make you feel just a bit more energized and ready to take on your practice.

Eddie Bauer yoga pant submittedEddie Bauer: FreeDry Pants

Made with compression polyester and spandex, the company uses something called FreeDry moisture wicking, which helps make it easier for you to go from active posing to relaxing with friends. They feature a shape-flattering wide waistband lined with dense mesh.

Eddie Bauer started a partnership with American Forests, launching an “Add a dollar, plant a tree” initiative called the Global “ReLeaf” Program, which has raised nearly $5 million to date. For every dollar, they plant a tree in an area that has suffered from deforestation–five million, so far.

Titika yoga pants submitted

Titika Pants

Titika uses fabrics that claim to do more than you’d think a simple fabric can do. Polyester made by Celliant, for example, is created using natural minerals that the company claims, through clinical trials, have demonstrated health-boosting properties such as balancing body temperature, increasing oxygen in the blood, and helping relieving minor pain.

They’re also stylish enough–and quick drying enough, in case you work up a sweat— to go from yoga to lunch out with friends. The material dries faster than other normal polyester fabrics and can also retain heat 35% longer when working out in colder temperatures.

Tasc Performance PantsTasc Crop yoga pants submitted

The Tasc Bamboo-based activewear line features a mix of fibers using natural materials like viscose (from bamboo), cotton and merino wool. They boast moisture-wicking and temperature regulation features but also anti-odor properties. They carry a seal of approval from the Organic Crop Improvement Association.

If you’re interested in the science behind it, the soft inner pith is removed from the hard bamboo trunk, and the raw bamboo pulp is mixed with a caustic soda solution, which extracts cellulose from the pulp. The solution is regenerated into viscose, creating a closed loop system that guarantees 99% of the solution is recovered and reused.

Free CountryFree country yoga pants submitted

For the first time in its twenty year history, this outerwear company is introducing yoga pants. They boast a “4-way stretch construction” that increases mobility, and added a tiny hidden pocket at back of waistband to fit an essential or two. Free Country has created a campaign that gives back to individuals across the country who give back to their communities, called Everyday Hero Campaign, where monthly ‘heroes’ across the country are chosen and honored for their continued selfless volunteerism.

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