These star-crossed canine lovers could give Romeo and Juliet a run for their money.

Potate – or “Tate” for short – is a young pup who was a stray dog living on the streets when she was adopted by Hailee Graham. While she obviously adores her human family, she developed a deep connection with her neighbor: Vernon.

Around the same time that Graham adopted Tate, the next-door neighbor adopted a dog named Vernon – and even though there was a fence keeping the two pups apart, they became overwhelmed with the desire to be together.

Graham tells The Dodo that she would always come home to find Tate digging a hole under the fence, so she could be with Vernon.

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“I walk outside and catch them digging a tunnel to each other. We couldn’t get them to stop … we couldn’t keep them apart,” says Graham. “They would just keep digging holes to each other.”

While most people might just try and set up a play date for the pups at a doggy park, Graham had a better idea.

“I thought, ‘Why not just put a door in the fence, so they can play whenever, and their hoomans don’t have to get involved?’” she said.

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After getting consent from Vernon’s owner, Graham’s father installed a little doggy door in the fence – and it has been a huge success. Vernon and Tate are constantly playing in each other’s yards and going on little doggie dates at each other’s houses.

“They love being together!” Graham told The Dodo. “I don’t know if they are actually in love, but I like to think so.”

Oh happy slobber, this is thy treat! For never was there a tail of more love than that of Tate and Vernon!

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