us-cuba-caravan.jpgFor 18 years, Pastors for Peace has led a caravan to Cuba bringing tons of humanitarian aid and friendship despite the US blockade on goods to Cuba and ban on Americans’ travel there. This year the caravan’s cargo includes hundreds of donated bicycles collected by volunteers: full-sized bicycles, not as abundant in Cuba, can serve as primary transportation for so many in need on the island.

The July Caravan to Cuba also features a Hiphop Without Borders Exchange, a cultural celebration featuring some of the world’s finest hiphop, in workshops and performances with Cuban musicians.

Read in the about one local group who collected bicycles to help the Cuban people, and began their trek to Havana from Vermont.

Visit the Pastors for Peace website here, or check out this short documentary (8 minutes) created by Canadians who joined the Caravan to Cuba in 2006 describing every aspect of the humanitarian journey. Good job, all!

The schedule for this year’s caravan:

    * JUNE 14-28 Caravan routes – educational events and aid collections in the US and Canada.
    * JUNE 29-JULY 2 Participant Orientation in Texas.
    * JULY 3-4 Border crossing into Mexico – travel to Tampico — load material aid onto cargo ship.
    * JULY 5-12 Fly to Havana – educational program in Cuba.
    * JULY 13 Return to Tampico – travel to Mexico/US border.
    * JULY 14 Reverse Challenge, cross back into Texas.

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