pharmacy creates Monster spray-Barrett PharmacyAfter a six-year-old girl in North Dakota mentioned that she was having trouble sleeping at night, a kind pharmacist decided to prescribe the antidote to her fears of monsters in her bedroom.

The Examiner reports that Watford City pharmacist Jeff Dodds gave the girl a prescription spray bottle that he said would take care of the problem.

The typed label from Barrett Pharmacy for “Monster Spray” included these directions: “Spray around the room at night before bed, repeat if necessary.”

A photo was taken of the “Monster Spray” bottle, which also included permission for a refill, and after it was shared by local media, the photo went viral on Facebook with viewers mostly lauding the compassion and humor of a dedicated professional.

Photo courtesy of Barrett Pharmacy
Hat Tip to the Examiner
Thanks to Rebecca Miller for submitting the link!


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