afrmgy-blanket-joy.jpgDo you have way too much cookie dough in your freezer? Do you have magazine subscriptions that go unread month after month? A Seattle company has created an new way for private schools and church groups to raise money quickly. Seattle based Affirmagy recently launched a fundraising division called Positively Fundraising.

Positively Fundraising allows groups to raise thousands of dollars within weeks.  The turnkey set-up of Positively Fundraising was created so that small groups could raise needed funds in a short time.

Parents across the nation who are tired of stocking up on cookie dough, candy and popcorn to help youth group and school projects love Positively Fundraising.

“Instead of filling cupboards with sugary snacks, folks can help an organization they love and have a cuddly blanket to signify their support for years to come. People buy our blankets for themselves and for those they love. And they appreciate them even more knowing that the dollars spent to acquire them fuel projects close to their hearts,” says Founder and CEO, Kristen Marie Schuerlein.

And with Mothers Day coming up, buyers would be fulfilling a need for giving.

Raise Thousands of Dollars in a Few Weeks

The average group is able to raise from $1,000 to $3,000 in a matter of weeks by selling blankets with positive messages on Positively Fundraising.

Positively Fundraising offers its customers downloadable catalogs, forms, tips sheets and economical sample packs so even those new to fundraising can find success quickly. Kids love holding up the vibrantly colored blankets while people can read the inspiring affirmations.

courage-blanket.jpg “The kids take orders and buy only the blankets they’ve sold from Positively Fundraising” says Schuerlein. “Youth group leaders love that they can raise money and don’t have to buy a bunch of inventory in advance.”

 Affirmagy’s blankets come in a variety of themes and colors to literally wrap people in Love, Courage, Abundance and gratitude.

Michael Tozzi, youth fundraiser team leader for the Church of Today West in Pontiac Michigan, said he spent over a year looking for the right fundraiser to help rebuild their youth program.

“Affirmagy’s support and great energy made our fundraiser the most successful one ever,” he said.

Visit and or call 888.624.6018 to learn more.
(Yellow Image shows one of the blanket designs)

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