I’ve just emerged from three days curled up with the latest (and greatest ) Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows. This final chapter of the seven-book epic delivers a masterpiece of plot and emotion. I’m not generally a reader of fiction. Next to my bedside usually stands a small stack of non-fiction books. The exception is any summer weekend when a new Potter book is released. At our home, my son and daughter and I compete for possession of the heavy tome in a rush to become enthralled by the latest harrowing escapade of the magical wizard and his crew. This final book does not disappoint…

Every chapter of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, it seemed, wrenched the heart, and then lurched the reader around another corner in a roller coaster ride that squeezed the senses with joy and sweetness. I often laughed out loud, cheered and screamed, and pumped the air with the devilish delight that is delivered by pure surprise. I left piles of crumpled tissues in my wake.

I invite all adults and kids to embark on the series from the beginning (and not to see the corresponding movie without reading the original). If you are a commuter you might want to acquire the CDs from the series to play on your way to work.

Author J. K. Rowling has created such endearing characters and compelling stories that she actually deserves the hoopla and hype of midnight release parties — as well as our thanks for turning on many young people to the joys of reading a good story. Our family had great fun reading several of the books out loud, passing the heavy volumes between us while brandishing Scottish accents as Hagrid and dripping dramatic sarcasm as Snape.

Cristina, my summer intern, told me she just received the first book of the series from a college pal who invited her to jump in and experience the fun from beginning to end. Her friends all loved the recent — and sadly — final book.

On the bright side, now I can get back to work…


  1. You want the books read to you, so I added a link to the CD’s !

    I am trying to catch up on the sleep that I lost while reading… Will be back to normal tomorrow. I have so many email messages that need returning…

    It was like a holiday!

  2. I agree, I had plenty of tears, “YEAH!!!’s” and moments of laughter reading this book. Its not often that you read a final book of a series are and pretty satisfied with what you’ve read. I loved this book. I hope she writes another series, whatever it is. I enjoy her writing, and I loved the Harry Potter series. It was like losing a friend when the books were done. At least we have the movies to look forward to. Hopefully they do the books justice.

  3. The recent movie, the Order of the Phoenix I thought was EXCELLENT.

    Although they need to cut a lot out they chose only the things not necessary for the main story line. A difficult task, but they’ve done pretty well with the movies.

    It is sad that it’s over, but the scenes from the book have been drifting in and out of my mind since closing the cover… I love reliving the good parts.

    It really is a book that matches the good news philosophy. The main characters exhibit the values we espouse most, cooperation, responsibility, compassion, freedom, (and also loyalty, to the hilt)…

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