power-to-change-widget.jpgA new campaign by global electronics brand HP is encouraging people to turn off their computers when they go to bed or leave work. They’ve created a cool desktop widget that tracks your impact on the environment, along with the cumulative effect of all the users around the world.

For instance, right now 5,359 people have downloaded the green desktop reminder, and shut down their computers enough to simulate 59 cars taken off the road. Not only are these emissions kept out of the atmosphere, but you save money on your own electric bill.

“In the U.S. alone, we have learned that only 36% of business desktop users turn off at the end of the work day,” says the Power to Change website. “This unnecessary use of energy increases costs and carbon emissions.”

By making one small change, many people together can make a big difference.

Download the widget on the Power to Change website, here

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