chevy-equinox-grphc.jpgThe largest real-world test of fuel cell cars celebrates one million miles driven over the last two years with a fleet of hydrogen powered vehicles test-driven by everyday people.

Participants in Project Driveway were given the opportunity to drive the gas-free, emissions-free Chevrolet Equinox wherever they wanted. Shell Oil teamed up to provide the hydrogen filling stations for the mid-sized SUVs. To celebrate the millionth mile, current and former drivers came together to share their experience and talk about the future of hydrogen.

In exchange for the two months of free gas and insurance, the drivers in California, New York City and Washington, D.C. provided feedback to engineers. Customer comments are helping the automaker improve the fuel cell experience and in some cases modify the vehicle, bringing it one step closer to reality. Several automakers have said that they will have hydrogen-powered vehicles ready for market by 2015. It is considered the cleanest, greenest of vehicle technologies, yet with the most hurdles to overcome.

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  1. Very, very, VERY cool. The average cancer rate in metropolitan areas is 2x higher than that of rural areas. It makes sense when we consider what’s we’re inhaling 24/7/365. Think of the all the lives that will be saved! All of the costs of cancer treatment avoided! ZERO emissions. Hmmmmm…. Come 2015, I’m lining up for one!

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