Quilts in Church -Christina Tollman-released

Our lives are woven with the thread of friends and family, forming a tapestry of life –especially if you’ve lived more than 89 years.

Margaret Hubl, who passed away in Nebraska last July quilted her way through life, and at her funeral friends and family could feel the creativity and care with which she lived that life.

Her purpose in quilting was to communicate love to her family. Her memorial service spoke loud and clear.

Draped over the back of the seats in the church, were more than 30 colorful quilts, each exuding the warmth and love of this seamstress, who hand crafted each one as a gift for someone special—often for special occasions, like a wedding day.

“Never did I imagine how many there were,” Hubl’s granddaughter, Christina Tollman, told TODAY. “We covered almost every single pew in that church. I never knew how many she actually made.”

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