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The Great Gray Owl is the biggest owl in the world – and it hasn’t been seen in Utah for 30 years.

Utah resident Amber Watkins-Olpin was driving through Mountain Green last week on her way to work when she saw a huddle of residents gathered on the side of the road. Curious as to what the commotion was about, she pulled over to find that the crowd was standing in awe of the enormous bird, who was perched calmly and unflinchingly on the ground.

A few hours laters on her way back from work, Amber saw that the owl was still there, only now perched in a tree.

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Amber went home, gathered her family, and returned to the owl’s spot. Her husband, Chris Olpin of Dreamcastar Productions, brought his camera along with him too.

“I was lucky enough to capture this majestic great grey owl today,” says Chris. “Owls are very symbolic to me. The last time this type of owl has been sighted in Utah was over 25 years ago.”

And the Great Gray Owl is majestic indeed. Females and males typically range a little over two feet in length with a wingspan of up to five feet. Though they typically don’t reside in Utah, harsh winter seasons can push them farther south during migration.

The footage that Chris captured was verified by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologist, Russell Norvell, program coordinator of the Avian Conservation, according to KSL.

(WATCH the video below)


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