Recycle My Cell Phone Photo: Chris JordanEARTH DAY SPECIAL — TAKE ACTION — Check out these two great Earth Day ideas brought to our attention by World

The Recycle My Cell Phone campaign offers a quick and easy way to help reduce the more than 65,000 tons of dangerous waste created by the discarding every year of 2 million cell phones. They even offer schools and nonprofits a way to make money ($1 per phone) by collecting and sending in bags of phones. Campaign yourself by sending a letter through their Web site to your cell phone manufacturer demanding they improve their 2 percent recycling record.


And, Cartridge World, has efforts under way to reduce the disposal of empty printer ink cartridges. Their remanufacturing service offers to refill your inkjet or laser cartridges with “top quality brand-specific inks and toners.”

It takes nearly a gallon of oil to produce a new laser printer cartridge, and more oil to manufacture each new inkjet cartridge. If we all reused cartridges, we could save nearly 3.5 pounds of solid waste from being deposited into landfills for every single cartridge.

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