wine drinking-sante1 MorguefileScientists have always wondered how the French lived so long despite a diet loaded with saturated fats. “The key to the “French paradox” may be found in red wine. A natural compound found in red wine may protect the heart against the effects of the aging process, researchers said on Tuesday.

Like calorie restriction, the compound called resveratrol, blocked the decline in heart function typically associated with aging, according to Tomas Prolla, a University of Wisconsin professor of genetics who helped lead the study.

(READ the story from Reuters)

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  1. Haha, and here I thought I just had to take up drinking a lot of red wine! Actually, I don’t drink but when I did, I loved red wine. So now I get the occasional bottle of de-alcolized red wine for a treat. I wonder if that works as well. But then article did specify grapes so maybe thats the real secret: eat more grapes. And I wonder about raisins? I would imagine it would be the same thing.

  2. Well, now, for you Oceana, purple grape juice is just as effective. Raisons, I think not, but definitely grape juice…

    Ahhh, I think I’ll have a glass of red wine now. I love the bitterness of it, like a strong cup of espresso…

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