Not only is the Easter egg (below) impressive in its size, but every inch of this seven-foot chocolate wonder is being sold to benefit a UK charity.

7ft-easter-egg-chocolate-BBCvideoBritons love their chocolate Easter eggs. They eat about 80 million of them a year, accounting for almost 10% of chocolate consumed all year in the UK.

One week before Easter, a Lincolnshire chocolatier created the 350-pound egg using the equivalent of 16,000 king-sized candy bars.

“A four-year-old lad who saw it just couldn’t take it in,” said the maker, Jan Hansen. “He couldn’t understand you could have an Easter egg so big.”

Hansen plans to break up the giant egg after Sunday and sell pieces to raise money for a local hospice in memory of his late brother.

Until then, it’s taking up a corner of his shop, towering over customers and the curious. People are traveling to Hansen’s shop in the tiny village of Folkingham to take a look, and to take in the aroma.

“The smell’s amazing,” an unnamed visitor told the BBC. “When you come in, the chocolate hits you.”


Oversized Easter eggs are something of a UK tradition, particularly at Betty’s, a Yorkshire bakery and chocolatier that has been constructing twelve-pound hollow chocolate eggs since 1919.

At a foot-and-a-half tall, with hand decorated flowers, these sweet treats could feed several families of chocolate lovers. A new video shows how they are lovingly constructed.

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