roto-rooted-cat.jpg A kitten was rescued from his snag inside an outdoor drainage pipe near Cleveland by the plumbing service, Roto-Rooter. Workers used a drain snake with remote camera to locate the animal and worked for 4 hours on recovery. The kitten was adopted on the spot by Larry, one of the rescuers, who says he plans to name the kitten “Roto.”

Well, last week’s rescue, it turns out, is not unusual for the plumbing company. In April another feline distress signal went out from Harrisburg, after firemen suggested calling Roto-Rooter. CBS-21 reported that Bud the cat was underground in the dark for four days until his owner heard a faint meow while she was gardening. Hours later the remote camera caught sight of Bud blinking in front of the tiny light. Check out this video of the six hour rescue.


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