UPDATE: May 28 — Yesterday I wrote, "Our apologies go out to our RSS feed users…" Well, it turns out the software "bug" is not only infecting RSS feeds. Any link to the site is met with an error message, "You are not authorized to view this page"… So, we need to apologize to the whole world at large! The problem will be fixed as soon as possible. There are two work-arounds in the meantime: All the links work if you are logged in and additionally, ALL stories are viewable on the site itself (click on any page in the left menu to view the stories)

Our apologies go out to our RSS feed users. Every time they click on links to headlines (if they are not logged in) they reach a dead end. Detailing the reasons for the problem is geek-talk, which I don’t speak fluently, but you know how when you upgrade one piece of software, it can make another piece of software stop working?. . .

We upgraded our SEF (search engine-friendly URL’s) Component and it so screwed up another component that we are looking at entirely replacing it with a new model. It should be fixed within the week, I would guess…

In the meantime — while we work on solving the problem — we hope you RSS addicts will make the extra effort to read stories — Click on the What’s New page and view them easily from there… And, you might use this as an incentive to register with the site and log in. When I am logged in, the RSS feed bug disappears. (Non-Geeks, click read more below for info on a fantastic way to browse the internet faster and more securely than with your Microsoft product… Get to know RSS with Firefox)


If you are wondering what is RSS? Find out here . It’s a very cool way of scanning a Web site’s headlines from your desktop without going to the site. Those who have not yet switched to Firefox browser, which is FASTER and MUCH more SECURE than Internet Explorer, should read about, then, download the FREE open-source browser and then, try the easy RSS feature yourself…)

Speaking of geeks, I’m looking to hire on a per component basis, some php/Joomla coders to help me with a Calendar, Newsletter and Ad management. Use the contact page if you are interested…

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