tiger.jpgThe World Bank has announced that it will talk with stakeholders in tiger range countries to determine the best methods of tiger conservation. The World Bank’s goal is to save wild tigers by reversing their decline and ensuring that the organizations’s practices do as little harm to tigers as possible in the future.

(Read more at Environmental News Network.com). 


  1. This is good news indeep. The tiger is a key species meaning that if we lose the tiger, a whole lot of other things go out of whack as well. Tigers are for some reason near and dear to my heart. Not sure why other than that they are the largest and most powerful of the cats, but its more than that. I’ve had many dreams about tigers and in my dreams they are always a symbol of courage, protection and benevolent power. I know this isn’t what a villager whose cattle have just been ravaged would think but I’m talking symbolism. But I feel like we would be losing something more than a key species if we lost the tiger. We would be losing one of the most beautiful and magnificent forms of life that have ever walked the planet. In one dream it was about a village where the tigers roamed the streets, never bothered the people and the idea was that as long as there were tigers living in the village the village would thrive and be safe and happy. But if the tigers left, there would be disaster.
    I’m glad they are also going to try to look into getting tigers parts out of traditional medicines. The Chinese actually have a very disturbing program where they are farming tigers for traditional medicine. Yes, it promotes conservation, but for an economic, quack medicine reason, not because tigers are seen as valuable anything more than a kind of cow with teeth.
    I’m also in the process of writing a novel that has tiger conservation as one of the themes. This news will be a wondergful thing to incorporate into the story.

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