beneath-flower.jpgI was out in the backyard cutting the grass last week when I noticed a caterpillar strolling down a blade of grass… Now, I happen to know this particular caterpillar will one day be a Monarch butterfly, you know, the kind with the big black and gold wings. After the change from worm to butterfly takes place, he’ll fly, soar, float and flutter and I’m sure he’ll think he’s in a new world because of his brand new life and freedom to fly anywhere. Our lives are kind of like that little caterpillar’s life…

At present, we live in the world of men. Later, we’re not sure just when, we’ll change. Then we’ll live a completely different life. No doubt, after the change, we’ll live closer to God. Then we’ll be face-to-face in His backyard. What the caterpillar might call the end of his life in the world, God calls a butterfly.

If you are in the habit of thinking a certain way, then you will always come to the same old conclusions you’ve always come to – over and over, again and again… To get some new ideas, new conclusions, you need to change that pattern of thinking by breaking away from your old ways.

Try a new path. Take a different fork in the road. Learn to see things from a new and different perspective. Come up with new and creative ideas. Ask for guidance. As you know, you can’t direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails so you will reach a safe harbor.  

Image by Pamela Shandel, Ville d’Avray, France, copyright, 2007 

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