It may be counterintuitive to stand up on a chair and talk about your deepest insecurities for all to hear in public – but that’s exactly what this gang of friends wanted to do.

Derin Emre is part of Yes Theory, a group of four friends from four different countries, who believe that getting out of your comfort zones is one of the most important elements of growing as a person.

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In order to drive that message home, the Yes Theory gang stood on a chair on the Santa Monica Pier and explained their deepest insecurities to pedestrians. Dozens of people responded – the group even got several strangers to tell the public about their own insecurities, leading them to receive advice and consolation from passersby.

“Even in the comment board of their video, people online shared their insecurities and found a crowd who would listen and respond with their own stories,” Derin told the Good News Network. “In these times of polarization, it was a very refreshing message for all.”

(WATCH the video below)


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