Photo by Sun StarWe’ve seen lots of media stories featuring the wonders of Facebook. But these amazing outcomes will cheer even the surliest of social media critics.

From the past year, the Good News Network chooses the following six tales as the most inspiring. Which one is your favorite? (Got another? Leave the link in the comments)

1) Concentration Camps, Death Marches — and Facebook

“Amid tears, laughter and hugs, three Holocaust survivors — childhood friends from the same hometown of Hungary — reunited for the first time in 65 years. Though they have fond memories of playing together, their strongest bonds developed in 1945, as they were struggling to survive a three-week death march from the Russian front to a concentration camp in Austria,” began the Jewish Week news report.

For 65 years, one of the friends had been trying to locate the other who had saved his life. After private investigators had been unsuccessful, a 15-year old nephew got involved and took his quest to Facebook.
Random-KINDNESS-storytellersforgooddotcom2) Random Act of Kindness for 93 Dollars Sparks $100,000 In Spontaneous Donating

A random act of kindness in the check-out aisle at Trader Joe’s market — a stranger stepping forward to pay her $207 bill — led to a payback which left $93 extra for charity.  A Facebook discussion propelled the original Samaritan to  give the extra money to a hunger charity, which eventually led to an avalanche of like donations started pouring in from Facebook friends, eventually totaling $100,000 in spontaneous giving.

The video and inspiring story was shared worldwide . . . and on the Good News Network.

Leanne-Sarko-facebook-picture3) Woman Recruits A Facebook Army to Save 7000 Tiny Gulf Coast Crabs

In the months since the BP oil spill, Leanne Sarco, a ranger at the wildlife preserve in the Gulf of Mexico along the fragile barrier islands of Louisiana, recruited an army of volunteers to collect thousands oil-drenched hermit crabs, cleaning and releasing them into a saltwater marsh about 15 miles inland.

Wildlife officials didn’t think they could save the tiny creatures, but Leanne knew them to be critical to ecosystems. So, she turned  to Facebook and put out a call to the world. Strangers soon began to arrive, who came to help, some even sleeping on her couch for weeks. . . Story and links on Good News Network.

4) Bird Drawings by Young Girl Raises Fortune for Gulf Wildlife Rescue pelican-drawing-olivia-bouler-gulf-oil

Saddened by what the oil spill was doing to wildlife near her family’s summer home on the Gulf coast, an 11-year-old began creating pictures of birds to raise money for rescue operations. Her mom started a Facebook page which propelled the total amount raised to $200,000.

She was recently named “Breakthrough Woman of the Week” by CNN for her continuing efforts to preserve the environment for her own generation. . . Video and links on Good News Network.

5) Mayor Donates Kidney to Facebook Friend

A 44-year-old father whose kidneys were failing due to diabetes, searched for a donor with his wide circle of “friends” on Facebook — only hesitantly and on his doctor’s suggestion. facebook-profile-page

“East Haven mayor April Capone sent him a private message and just said, ‘Hey, I’ll get tested.’ She had a feeling that indeed she would be a perfect match.

“I don’t know why, but I just knew it,” she told the Associated Press.

6) Facebook Alibi Gets Teen Out of Jail

A teenager was unjustly jailed for an armed robbery that took place while he was 13 miles away in his father’s apartment in Harlem. Luckily a critical piece of evidence surfaced on Facebook that freed the young man and proved his innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt. . . Read the story at ABC News.


(Top photo by Sun Star – 2nd photo by Stories For Good)


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