flying-car-gilo.jpgIt’s every kid’s dream, but one such kid grew up an inventor and made his dream a reality. Gilo Cardozo created the world’s first bio-fueled flying car, a machine that can drive like a car and fly like an airplane.

On Wednesday, Cardozo and adventurer Neil Laughton will set off in the flying car from London. They will make an amazing 42-day expedition that will take them through the Sahara to Tombouctou. A convoy of support vehicles will accompany the team every step of the way. The journey will cover a total of 6,400 kilometres.

The flying car, better known as the Skycar has been developed and built with the help of sponsors for about £250,000. On the road, the Skycar takes barely three minutes to convert into an aircraft. Cardozo, who already invented a parajet engine that could carry him up to the heights of the Mount Everest in 2007, plans to sell the Skycar commercially to the public at £50,000 per vehicle. (Feature story at BBC News)

(Photo of Skycar is a mock up)


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