christmas-home-milw.jpgAfter their daddy lost his job, three kids in Alamo, Georgia were told that as the economy was not so good and Santa had so many needy kids to help this year, gifts would be scarce. The 6-year old said, “Mama, it doesn’t matter if we have any gifts under the tree or not. All that matters is that we are together, that we are happy and a family.”

Read about how several families are appreciating Christmas even more, thanks to handmade decorations and traditions that don’t cost much money: “But for some, the slumping economy has shifted the focus away from the commercial to priceless family moments — such as singing Christmas carols, decorating gingerbread houses and visiting Nativity scenes — rekindling the true spirit of Christmas.” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


  1. I’ve decided that December 25th is for the shopping drones. I am starting a new tradition by celebrating Christmas on January 6th, the Epiphany. It works out well for me, since I don’t have to tree-shop till the 26th and got a wonderful 7 ft-er for half price! I spent the night decorating my tree and putting presents under it – handmade, thoughtful gifts, and plan to make the 6th as non-commercial as possible.

  2. southphillyitaliana , I keep trying to convince people to do something like this, but, as of yet, have been unable to do so. I know of some families who have decided to celebrate a few days after Christmas. This way they save incredible money by Christmas shopping at all the after-Christmas sales!

    My idea is to buy one present for loved ones each month. This way the economy is more balanced, rather than stores being dependent on 1.5 months of sales, plus, your family’s economy is more balanced as well. Part of this idea is to also, spread out the “Christmas Cheer” to every month of the year! 🙂

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