Most of us aren’t really sure how we will be remember after we die – but after this week, we’re positive that Daryl Mutz is going to be remembered as an extraordinarily generous man.

That’s because he left $275,000 of his estate to an animal shelter he wasn’t even affiliated with.

Though the late 83-year-old passed away three years ago, the New Westminster Animal Shelter of British Columbia was only recently informed that they would be receiving the cash.

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Daryl’s will states that $55,000 of the donation must fund veterinary bills for low-income families, as well as animals in need of more expensive surgical procedures and care. Several other large portions of Daryl’s estate will be going towards The Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C. and the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund and Covenant House.

“We are totally blown away. A thousand dollars is a really big donation for us, so to hear that amount was unbelievable,” animal control officer Margie Fox told CTV Vancouver. “We would love to keep a legacy for this gentleman. I think he must have been an amazing man.”

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