This is an inspiring letter I received from Michael in Canada. He calls it his small-world story. It should remind you that striking up conversation with people whom you don’t know is usually quite worthwhile, even though it takes some courage.

A recent study shows how being extroverted can make you happy. Talking to strangers requires us to be extroverted, but it pays handsomely, as the following tale reveals. Notice how Michael is aware that passing time talking with others enriches his happiness:

I was waiting in our local Emergency Room to see about my sprained wrist. I struck up a conversation with an elderly gentleman to pass the time a bit more enjoyably. He told how he was once helping out his local church rummage sale when a client asked to buy a large piece of furniture. While waiting for the delivery truck to return, he started talking to the man.


The man was an Iranian immigrant, fleeing from Khomeini’s strict regime. His family had fled to Turkey to escape.


My new elderly friend said, “My nephew worked in Istanbul during that time.”


The immigrant replied, “Istanbul is where we ended up! Tell me, your nephew, his name was David?”


“Yes, he worked at the Canadian Consulate.”


The immigrant grabs the old man in a huge hug and started crying, “Your David approved us to come to Canada! Your David saved the life of my family!”
Michael Kannon
Winnipeg, Canada
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