Davis-Besse Nuclear plant in Ohio, by Click via Morguefile.comAccording to Energy Collective, a historic era is upon us because solar power has become affordable. More specifically, solar power has become cheaper than nuclear power.

The article sites researchers from Duke University in North Carolina, who found that the cost of “producing photovoltaic cells (PV) has been dropping for years … at the same time, estimated costs for building new nuclear power plants have ballooned.” Thus, it’s cheaper to put solar panels on houses than to build a new nuclear power plant to service them.

(READ more in the Miami Herald)

Davis-Besse Nuclear plant in Ohio, photo by Click, via morguefile


  1. Barbara: Amen, I hope so…
    LuckyLady: Wow, I hope you were not effected. Quite scary in the movie version. I worked as volunteer for No Nukes rally in NYC Battery park (back in 1980, I think) and I loved all the musicians standing up for safety and common sense…

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