A retired couple was walking in a nature reserve on Christmas Day when they were treated to a breathtaking sight during a murmuration of thousands of starlings.

Guy Benson, 60, captured video footage of the mesmerizing moment in the sky when the starlings moved into a formation that resembled a huge bird.

The minute-long video shows the swirling mass of starlings forming different shapes as they dodged and weaved—and eventually becoming an elegant winged creature.

Benson, a retired financial adviser from Long Eaton, Derbys, speculates that they took that form to scare off some birds of prey.

“It was a really unusual shape and I think it was because there were four sparrow hawks who kept diving into the birds to try and pick them off.

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Guy filmed the sight in the Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham, and called it a “a very uplifting moment.”

“It was one of the greatest sights I’ve been able to see in nature.”

Since retiring, Guy spends much of his free time traveling the country to spot rare birds with his wife Anita.

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“You could hear them all flapping their wings and swishing overhead, it was wonderful,” she said. “You just had to stand there open-mouthed, it was so awesome.”

“There are hundreds of thousands of people who live close by but they don’t know that things like this go on.”

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