An Act of Kindness happened to me yesterday, in The Illawarra, NSW – Australia.Angel of Lights

I was at the chemist needing a perscription filled as I was suffering from a very bad ear infection, but unfortunately I did not have all of the money to cover what I needed. This woman I have never met before was in the chemist and could see how ill and distraught I was. She asked me, “How much do you need?”

The pharmacist said, “$9.40.”

The woman could see I had $4.60 on the bench and she pulled out a $5.00 note from her purse and placed it with my money. I turned to her, touched her on the arm and cried the word “thank you“.

The pharmacist said, “Thank you, Maurine,” and then she walked out.

He turned to me and said, “God must be watching over you.”

I said “He must be.”

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