Jackie Turner-News10 vidroA California university student has reformed her old ways of crime and drugs after being abused and neglected as a child. She has a perfect average in school, volunteers to teach karate, and is active in a Christian church. But all the improvement in her life didn’t seem to fill the void of not having loving parents.

So Jackie Turner, 26, went on Craigslist asking to rent a family for the holidays, offering $8 an hour in compensation.

The favorable response she received from many families was heart-warming enough, but even more meaningful were the many responses from individuals who, like Turner, endured abuse or got lost in a foster care system without caring parents.

She realized she was not alone, after all, and instead of renting a family, Jackie wants to create a new one.

She hopes to organize her own holiday gathering for all those who answered the ad, says News 10.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story at Huffpost)

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