One of the coolest ideas for a more sustainable world is coming from the most unlikely place.

The state of Acre is frequently used as the butt of Brazilian jokes for being one of the most remote areas of the country – but this region is also the home of the nation’s first ever supermarket that allows customers to purchase food by using recyclables as currency.

The market’s name is TrocTroc, which roughly translates to ”exchange” in English. The store offers consumers the option of exchanging plastic bottles and aluminum for any product sold in the store. Every two pounds of recyclables is worth roughly $0.15. If the recyclables are clean and compact – thus speeding up the recycling process – then the customer is given a 20% bonus.

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Additionally, the store not only offers fruits, grains, and vegetables produced by regional farmers – it helps educate the locals on indigenous tribes as well.

The concept was designed by Marcelo Valadao, the president of the House of Indians Foundation. The organization fights for the preservation of indigenous cultures. The market, which is run by the Ashaninka tribe, reportedly helps locals to understand the value of their trading habits.

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