susan-boyle-sings.jpgOvernight sensation Susan Boyle. whose voice stunned viewers of Britain’s Got Talent last week, has been invited to perform with her idol, British theater icon Elaine Paige, reports the Guardian.

“It seems her performance has captured the hearts of everyone who saw it, me included,” Paige wrote on her website. “Perhaps we should record a duet?”

The Daily Record in London unearthed Susan Boyle’s first recording, a sultry version of Cry Me a River. (Listen here)

(Read full story and hear clips at the Guardian) 


  1. Great news! Like others I’ve been touched by this. I like Seth Godin ‘s blog. It shows the power of the net. Anyone can make it big, all you need is something good, word of mouth spreads it. A great equalizer. Seth Godin calls it cutting out the gatekeepers.

  2. This alone makes me know why I subscribed to Good News Network. Thank you so much to the person who shared this. I now know that more than 20,000,000 people have viewed Susan Boyle on the net. We all needed this. And… it really does show that judging by appearances cuts us off from what’s real in life. Plus, Susan proves there is no dream too big or too late if we have faith and confidence to reach for it.

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