optimistic_elderly_lady-Sun-StarFear, insecurity, and self-doubt can be the biggest obstacles many of us face in life. In order to overcome that negativity, many people turn to unhealthy behaviors, such as overeating, compulsive shopping or alcohol abuse.

“Compulsive or addictive behavior may temporarily numb that negativity, but it won’t put you on a healthy and wholesome path,” says Darlene Hunter, author of Win-Ability: Navigating Through Life’s Challenges With A Winning Attitude.

Positive thinking gained scientific credibility in 1985 when Michael F. Scheier and Charles S. Carver published their seminal study, Optimism, Coping, and Health: Assessment and Implications of Generalized Outcome Expectancies. Since then, hundreds of academic papers have been published in support of positive thinking.

“Confidence starts with your attitude– and finding a path that supports living with confidence,” says Hunter.

•  Pursue your passion.

What is the activity you love doing the most?  You get a great sense of accomplishment and joy when you do that which you were born to do. It could be baking, taking care of children, writing, drawing, dancing, anything at all that makes you happy in life. If you could never do it again, would you miss doing? …You need to do more of that.

•  Be true to yourself.

Do not set your career path in a certain direction based on what your friends or family members want for you. If you dream it, you can live it. Do not let fear turn you around. It is also important for you to be honest about your resources, skills, and what is needed to help you move forward. Do not think that you have all of the answers. Be open to suggestions and advice from others who are already doing what you are trying to do.

•  Stay the course; be resilient; never give up.

No matter what you might be facing at the current time or the challenges that are ahead of you, as you move forward in your quest to accomplish your goals and dreams, you must stay the course. As you set forth to achieve your goals and your dreams, you cannot be thin-skinned. You must be durable, strong with a determination that you will get to where you want to go. Quitting is not an option and failure is not a word that you should use when you are seeking to reach your goals and dreams.

Darlene Hunter is a motivational speaker, author, life and business coach. Her new book, Win-Ability: Navigating Through Life’s Challenges With A Winning Attitude, is her fourth on the topic of perseverance. Her radio program, “The Darlene Hunter Show”, won the Fishbowl Radio Network 2013 Distance Show Of The Year Award.

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